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Spotted in JOYFUL HEALTHY EATS: Paradise at Windjammer Landing Resort & Spa


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Traveling to St. Lucia and all about our stay at the Windjammer Landing Resort & Spa, paradise in the Caribbean!

It is finally here, what so many of you have been asking for! How was St. Lucia?

Well, today I’m gonna tell ya!

Hubbie and I try to take a mommy daddy trip, without the kiddo once a year. We both feel like its really important to get away and just reconnect with each away from the temper tantrums, 5am wake up calls, work life, and all around chaos that is life as a parent. Typically we will go to Mexico because it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Texas but this year we wanted something a little different.

One night I just started searching good ole google looking for places to stay in the Caribbean. To honest, we were going back and forth between St. Lucia and St. Martin; but I had seen WAY too many pictures of airplanes to close for comfort on the beach in St. Martin and decided that St. Lucia was going to be our destination of choice.

As I started searching through Trip Advisor (our go to website for travel accommodation recommendations) I got pulled in by this cute family friendly resort called Windjammer Landing Resort & Spa.

It was a resort that was located on one of the many mountains and had villas all the way up the mountain, all facing towards the bay that they were located in with their own beach. It also had an all inclusive option so I was sold.

I might like to cook at home, but when I’m on vacation … I’m on vacation!!! I just want to be wined and dined while not having to worry about a thing. High maintenance, maybe … but once you do it you will LOVE it! The down side about the resort is that its a two hour drive from the airport to the hotel, whew!

But honestly it wasn’t that bad. Mike found this awesome tour company that does airport pickups and Hans our driver from Serenity Tours had a cooler of Pitons (the locally made beer that tasted like Corona), local made rum punch, and water waiting for us in the car! We stopped about halfway through our drive and picked up fresh mangos at a fruit stand along the road. St. Lucia has 50 different kinds of mangos grown on the island so of course we needed to try them!

After our mango adventure Hans pulled up to this stand/restaurant that serves fresh bread made daily. Little did we know that we would be craving this Creole Bread the rest of the trip! This stuff was insane! Like out of bounds insane! It was hand kneaded dough, stuffed with butter and english white cheddar cheese then formed into the shape of a small french roll and cooked in a stone oven with wood fire! My mouth is drooling as I’m telling you! Sooo goood!!! If you ever go to St. Lucia, book with Serenity Tours its an awesome small tour company on the island and they will hook you up! (we also used them for our private Sailboat Charter!

Usually we would end our nights down at Jammer’s after we had dinner because they had live music playing every night, and well Barry was there behind the bar singing and dancing away and it just made me happy!

Most days we were camped out right under one of those tiki hut umbrellas, which was about halfway to the tiki hut bar and halfway to the restaurants for lunch time. It was a rough life I know. I was able to finish two books out there, and get a nice start to my summer tan!

The beach was very well kept. The water was perfectly refreshing, not to hot and not to cold, great to walk out and take a dip in. On occasion you might see a crab, stingray or fish swim by on one of those “dip trips.” Every once in a while we would walk out to the hammocks hanging out over the ocean just high enough to barely touch the water when you’re laying in.

The only downfall was the rock army that you had to climb over on the way out to the hammocks. But it was always amusing to watch someone make the walk out there and hear “ouch” “oohh” or gingerly try to walk on tip toes hoping they won’t step on one. (the later was me.. hehe)

Towards the end of our vacation we realized that we really didn’t spend time at any of the 4-5 pools they had at the resort, the beach was totally our jam. It felt like you had the bay to yourself and it was so calm and peaceful! Plus, we have lots of pools back home in Texas, I wanted to go to the beach! hehe.

The accommodations at Windjammer were amazing! It was island life to a tee. We were staying in a villa about 1/3 of the way up the mountain. Our villa was facing the ocean and had two stories. The upstairs was where the master bedroom and bathroom were, we also had a walkout balcony off the master bedroom.

Then downstairs had a full kitchen, large dining room table, living area, another bedroom and bathroom that slept two more, and a large wraparound balcony with a private plunge pool that overlooks the ocean. It was incredible! The entire downstairs, besides the bedroom was open air – it was so cool!

My favorite part about the villas is they were all white washed with tan mediterranean tile and against the bright blue water –  it was absolutely gorgeous! Paradise for sure! It almost reminded me of the Greek Isles! Pretty sure I could LIVE there!

Article courtesy of Joyful Healthy Eats. Read it HERE

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Spotted in BEAUTY ECHOES MAGAZINE: Windjammer Resort Review


As our 7th Caribbean island together, my better half and I have experienced beaches of every shade of blue and mountains of all shapes and sizes, but nothing could have prepared us for the magical island of St. Lucia – nothing. We had the lucky opportunity to stay at The Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort where we resorted for 7 days in May 2015. Whether you’re planning a trip there yourself or just looking for some travel inspiration, I’ve put together a review to share our experience with you. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below and I will do my best to answer all your queries.

The Room

We stayed in a Hibiscus suite, and in our opinion, this was the best collection of rooms to reside in. Geographically, it is situated merely a few steps away from the lobby and has its own private pools, which were always clean and less busier than the main ones. We made tonnes of new friends at the resort, who all told us that to get to and from their rooms they had to shuttle it – which operates 24/7, but still cumbersome especially since it is mainly all uphill. Thankfully, the Hibiscus suites were all within walkable distance.

Our room was magnificently clean and well kept, the kitchen (which was hardly used) had all the appliances and utensils that you would need if you were looking to cook for yourself. With our complimentary all-inclusive upgrade we did not have to worry about cooking or cleaning – which was fabulous! We just wished our fridge was daily stocked with water, instead, every night we had to remember to go to the bar to get two bottles of water. No big deal, it just wasn’t always a quick and convenient process as we’d have to wait around for the bill to sign off (more on this later).

There was a hot tub Jacuzzi on our patio and large table for entertaining; this is where we enjoyed our room-service breakfast in the morning (Good to know: Room service ranges from $6-7 USD each time). We loved enjoying our coffee and breakfast alone with the ocean in the morning.

The washroom completely blew us away – it had two beautiful window panels that opened up to the sun each morning, one bathtub and a separate stand up shower, tonnes of space (but no hooks behind the door for clothes or towels – there was a small towel rack, but not big enough for clothes), and my personal favourite…a his and hers sink with a large mirror spacious enough for two!

The room was also equipped with a washer and dryer where we’d often throw our swim suits in to wash and have them fresh and clean for the next day (Tip: Bring a small bottle of laundry detergent).

The bedroom was separate from the living space and had its own separate ventilation system which was controlled by the convenience of a remote control. Our King bed was mighty comfy and the pillows were perfect (We’re not picky sleepers). The doors opened up to the patio overlooking the ocean and there was another set of doors that leads into the living room space.

There is WiFi in the bedroom and everywhere around the resort, quite honestly, it was the best WiFi connection we’ve ever experienced on any resort. Let’s just say a boat took us around the resort to go snorkeling and even then the WiFi reception was still going strong.

The Food

Papa Don’s, The Upper Deck and The Dragonfly all require a reservation – Jammer’s and Embers were the only two that accepted walk-ins. Reservations can easily be made via telephone by dialing ‘0’ from the phone in our room, in fact, anything you desired can be at the command of ‘0’ – I’m not even kidding, it was the most efficient in-house phone service we’ve ever experienced.

We’re not complicated people when it comes to food and we’re easily pleased, but here are a few things you HAVE to try out at The Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort:

 Grilled lamb (Papa Don’s)

Beef tacos (Jammers)

Steak frites (Jammers)

Filet Mignon (Upperdeck)

Goat Curry (Jammers)

Beef Brisket sandwich (Embers)

Jerk Chicken Wings (super spicy, dry rub at Jammers)

Jerk Chicken Baked (chicken is on a pastry, croissant-style bread at Jammers)

 About the food/restaurants:

Clothes must always be worn in the food area, no bikini tops. I made this mistake after ordering a burger at the beach front restaurant called Jammers and was quickly told by the server that I had to wear a shirt over my bikini top. This was mildly frustrating because we were super hungry after hanging out under the sun all day. Jammers is not a fancy restaurant by any means, pretty much just a pub on the beach so I didn’t expect rules to be so stringent, after all – we are on vacation. Rules are rules, I suppose.

Dinner Buffets are only on Tuesdays and Fridays (at The Dragonfly), this threw us for a loop because every resort we’ve ever been on always had a dinner buffet option every night.

Breakfast Buffest and a la carts are available every morning at The Dragonfly.

There are no wristbands to wear that will indicate that you are on an all-inclusive plan. After every meal/drink you are required to sign off the receipt, even if you are all-inclusive. There is a tip option which you can assign to your room or cross out completely and leave cash.

Food always took a minimum of 45 minutes – it’s island time and just the way it is.

The Spa

We booked our couple’s spa retreat for Friday afternoon. After all the excursions and activities were completed for the week, we figured it would be nice to enjoy some down time to fully relax and completely internalize everything that we’ve experienced right before we head back home the next day.

We both enjoyed the “Signature Couples Wellness Retreat” which boasts:

An experience unlike any other. Our Signature Couples Wellness Retreat inspires laughter, playfulness, connection and true relaxation. Begin this experience together with a Mineral Wellness Bath in our Japanese Soaker Tub then enjoy some time on your own with a palette of fresh all natural body scrubs and full-body mudds. Rinse off in our private outdoor rain shower and then enjoy a side -by-side sixty minute couples massage in our seaside suite using our signature essential oil blend. A glass of champagne each & lifetime of memories!

It was such a wonderful spa experience – everything from the Japanese soaker tub, to the full body scrub and the 60 minute massage – we enjoyed how relaxing and zen everything felt before, during and after our treatment. Definitely recommend this package for couples looking for a getaway from their getaway. 

Article courtesy of Beauty Echoes Magazine. Read it HERE.

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Spotted in RECOMMEND: Caribbean Week 2015

spa banner

On June 3rd, Recommend shared some of the buzz from Caribbean Week NYC 2015 in the feature, Antigua and Barbuda Doubling Hotel Rooms, and now, here’s some more news from a region that enjoyed a 6 percent rise in arrivals for the first quarter of 2015.

In St. Lucia, Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort has built a new spa, expanded its beach, put up new luxury villas, and created a series of immersive art experiences (e.g. steelpan drumming workshops).

Article courtesy of, written by Ed Wetschler. Read it HERE

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Spotted in USA TODAY TRAVEL: Caribbean resorts offer courses for kids


Many family friendly resorts in the Caribbean have children's clubs and plenty of options for kids to enjoy themselves, from boogie boards to video game rooms. But there are some resorts that go the extra mile by providing educational opportunities for kids on vacation, such as cooking classes, art lessons, learning about the local culture or even learning the local language. Kids can be rest assured that they won't be subjected to a rigid classroom setting while the beach beckons just a short distance away. Even though these are educational experiences, these resorts make sure the vacation vibe is always front and center.

Families with budding artists will want to consider vacationing at Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort in Saint Lucia. The resort has turned its lobby into a revolving exhibition space featuring local artists. The interactive part comes into play when families participate in a scavenger hunt game in which local works of art on display function as clues. The resort can also arrange studio visits, in which kids can meet Saint Lucian artists in their workspaces, surrounded by their creations.

"We're looking to expand our educational opportunities for kids," said Mark Ozawa, managing director, Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort. "For example, kids will be able to accompany our chef as he picks produce from our garden, and create their own kites and crafts. We're also incorporating more interactions with the local culture, with kids getting a chance to try their hand at steel pan music, or participating in a mask and woodcarving session."

Article courtesy of USA Today Travel, written by Mark Rogers. Read it HERE