Welcome to Jammer's, our newly renovated beachside restaurant. Open for both lunch and dinner, Jammer's offers a casual dining experience with a stunning view of the sea.
For lunch, savor a diverse selection of fresh salads, mouthwatering burgers, and local specialties that capture the essence of the island. As the sun sets, the restaurant serves an array of international and Caribbean dishes, promising a delightful blend of flavors and spices. 
But Jammer's isn't just about food; it's the perfect spot to unwind with sunset cocktails, making the most of the breathtaking beachscape. As the evening progresses, enjoy nightly entertainment that adds a lively and vibrant touch to your dining experience, creating unforgettable memories at this coastal gem.



Open: 11:00 am

Close: 5:00 pm

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Open: 6:00 pm

Close: 9:30 pm

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Dress Code

Casual attire