family adventures

Exciting experiences for the entire family

St. Lucia has established itself as a favored family destination for good reason. The island's vibrant culture, lush scenery, stunning beaches, and laid-back atmosphere create the ideal setting for fostering unforgettable family connections. And St. Lucia has something to offer for everyone, whether it's children, teenagers, or families seeking shared experiences.


Our family-friendly St. Lucia resort ensures that young children have a blast. The Jacquot Fun Club becomes their haven, presenting a rich spectrum of activities to children between the ages of 4-12 engaged throughout their stay. From sports and tennis lessons to captivating performances and arts and crafts, every child discovers something to captivate their interests. Additionally, our VIP Kids Program offers them a taste of being a little VIP.
For children aged 0-3, we require that a parent/guardian or one of our Certified Nannies always accompanies the child while at the Jacquot Fun Club. We offer Certified Nanny services, and additional amenities (ie. Car seats, cribs, highchairs etc.) for families travelling with babies/toddlers. Please contact us directly to learn more.


Windjammer Landing welcomes all teenagers, offering them the freedom to choose between independence and engaging in the available activities. Both on-land and sea-based adventures, coupled with captivating, themed events hosted both on-site and off-site will add a vibrant spark to an evening among young adults.


While every individual can revel in their personal joys in St. Lucia, the magic truly comes alive when experienced as a family. An extensive array of tours, excursions, restaurants, and activities addressed to family units, with the option for private sessions enhancing the experience.