Experience St. Lucia from down below and relish in all the oceanic wonders that lie beneath!  At Windjammer Landing we have one of the best dive centers on the island, Eastern Caribbean Diving. Eastern Caribbean Diving is an accredited PADI certified dive center. Our dive center offers an array of services from snorkeling, tank dives, passenger dives, night dives, scuba courses, and more!

We have curated three wonderful packages for new and experienced divers alike.

Environment and The  Family Dive Packages have been created in partnership with The Perry Institute and Eastern Caribbean Diving. The Perry Institute for Marine Science supports a wide range of research and education activities that help to protect the oceans. Each of the diving packages created in collaboration with the Perry Institute will not only have marine education at their heart, but a 10% donation from all courses booked will go directly to the Perry Institute, to support their programs on St. Lucia. Eastern Caribbean Diving will be carrying out these new packages from their dive centre located at the resort.

A Scuba Diver In The Water

The Environmental Package

The Environmental Experience with the PADI Reef Rescue Diver Certification. This experience offers three days of diving, 6 dives in total. There will be an academic portion that can be completed by the student at home via the Reef Rescue Diver eBook prior to arrival or on island via the Reef Rescue Diver PPT presentation as well as a hands-on experience scuba diving and participating in coral restoration activities.

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A Person Swimming In The Water

The Family Dive package

The Family Dive package will be three days of diving, 6 dives. They will also have the option of the Lionfish Experience 

This package is about fun, education and adventure; reef dives, drift dives and wreck dives. They will also have the option of the Lionfish experiences.

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A Person Skydiving In The Air

Underwater Breathwork Dive

Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort has created a unique programme combining wellness, breathwork and diving for the ultimate, therapeutic underwater experience.

Working together, the wellness and diving teams at the property have created a powerful programme designed to harness the power of breathwork to enhance the diving experience and the beauty of the underwater environs. The Underwater Breathwork Programme is an offering for those experienced in diving, or wellness enthusiasts looking for a unique experience.

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