the environmental package

The Environmental Experience with the PADI Reef Rescue Diver Certification. This experience offers three days of diving, 6 dives in total. There will be an academic portion that can be completed by the student at home via the Reef Rescue Diver eBook prior to arrival or on island via the Reef Rescue Diver PPT presentation as well as a hands-on experience scuba diving and participating in coral restoration activities.  There is an option to add the Lionfish experience: 2 additional dives, hunting, cleaning and cooking.

In this Environmental Package we will introduce the guest to our efforts to rejuvenate and restore the reefs, they will learn more about corals, their importance and the threats our coral reefs are facing. The dives will take them to existing coral mitigation sites, they will have a hands-on experience with maintaining a coral nursery and outplanting nursery reared corals. There will also be the option of the Lionfish experience, they can do the certification or just the introduction experience: Certification includes Catching Cleaning and Cooking and the earning of a PADI card.

The outline for the PADI Reef Rescue Divers Certification:
Course overview

The topics we will be covering are:

  • What corals are.
  • The different ways corals feed.
  • How to identify different coral forms.
  • How corals reproduce.
  • The value of coral reefs.
  • Threats to coral reefs.
  • Steps to help protect coral reefs.
  • Coral restoration.
  • How to maintain a coral nursery.
  • Coral nursery problem solving
  • How to outplant corals.

To participate in the PADI Reef Rescue Diver Course guests must be at least 12 years old and certified open water divers.

Suggested timetable for the Environmental Package (subject to change depending on weather conditions, coral nursery needs and number of corals requiring outplanting)

Timetable is flexible to allow adaptions such as changing the order of the dives or omitting one dive for a duplication for another e.g. if there is lots of coral growth an instructor may omit the ‘Identify threats to corals’ dive and instead complete two dives outplanting corals.