A Group Of People Climbing A Rock

Connect With Nature

Saint Lucia’s indigenous people relied on Mother Nature to provide nutrition, balance, and adventure/comfort. This excursion offers you the same.
Immerse yourself in nature as you hike through a serene, tropical rainforest known for its many species of exotic wildlife and lush vegetation. Upon completion, a restorative yoga session awaits. You will also be presented with a snapshot of the “ital” way of life and treated to ital cuisine made from 100% local produce.

Disconnect with the everyday, mundane life and Connect with Nature.

Cost: $150 per person

Venue: Lucian Country Lifestyle (20 mins away from the Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort)

A Person In A Yellow Kayak

Rafting Retreat

Imagine an incredible experience that takes you down the river stream with your well stocked cooler onboard and lovely green vegetation on either side of the river. The mood is lightened by a friendly, knowledgeable jovial guide who makes you feel like an old friend. As the raft glides down the river, you can hear some of the mysterious animals that are yet to be caught on camera. You then make your way into the mangrove which is so peaceful and equally beautiful. You settle into a breathwork and meditation class, keeping your mind and body in sync with nature's blessings.
Cost: $150
Venue: Rosseau Valley Bamboo Rafting
On this day we can offer morning couples yoga and a sunset yoga and meditation session.