kids fun club

Unleash creativity and hop aboard new adventures!

Our young explorers are welcome to sign up for a variety of experiences and facilities carefully crafted to ignite their imaginative spark. Our aim is to foster creative expression, community engagement, cultural discovery, and, more than anything else, playfulness. Kids will engage in nature-inspired arts and crafts by transforming natural elements into delightful little projects, relax and get acquainted with St. Lucia’s secrets. As one of the finest family resorts in St. Lucia, Windjammer Landing takes pride in offering an exceptional array of supervised activities tailored for children aged 4 to 12. Our carefully supervised activities promise entertainment and enable our young guests to forge new connections amidst the stunning backdrop of this idyllic Caribbean beach resort.

See some of our most popular Kids Fun Club activities that take place every week. To get a full list of the Kids Club activities, click here to download a sample schedule.

A Red Bridge In A Forest


Nature Walk

Children can unwind and venture into the open air of Windjammer Landing Resort, soaking in the stunning views of Labrelotte Bay. An opportunity to fully immerse in the natural surroundings while discovering the abundant flora and fauna that contribute to the resort's identity as a quintessential village.

A Group Of Children Sitting On The Floor With Their Hands Up

(once a week)

Kiddies Yoga

Experience with posture – During the kiddies' introductory yoga session, they will get the chance to relax, meditate, and enhance flexibility. This 30-minute session comprises a sequence of tranquil yoga poses, either held or flowing, designed to cultivate strength, balance, and focus.

A Group Of People Sitting On A Beach With A Fire In The Sand

(once a week)

Storytime Reading with Jacquot

Every book reading becomes an extraordinary event with our beloved mascot, Jacquot. Children will dive deep into the captivating narratives of St. Lucian folk tales, where enchanting magic unfolds in every story.

A Group Of Children Dancing

(once a week)

Creole Dance Class

Children are invited to join Jacquot and friends in the much-anticipated kiddies' creole dance class. They will have the opportunity to learn the traditional dances of St. Lucia, including Masquerade, La Comet, De Bot, and the Molala. This promises to be an educational journey filled with excitement and cultural exploration.

A Group Of People Riding Horses

(once a week)

Horseback Riding

USD $25/child (Please sign up at least one day in advance)
Embark on an exciting adventure of horseback riding, accompanied by experienced guides. Kids will be led through trails situated on the northern part of the island, along the Atlantic side. This journey promises a blend of serenity and picturesque landscapes. Moreover, participants will have the chance to tour the stables and enjoy refreshments along the way.

A Girl In A Swimsuit Holding A Watermelon

(once a week)

Fruity Mocktails Mixing

Become a Junior Mixologist and acquire the skills to craft your own delightful fruity beverages at the Jacquot Kids Club.

A Group Of Palm Trees And A Fence

(once a week)

Arts & Crafts - Make Your Own Carnival Costume

Under the guidance of our Kids Club Coordinators, your children will become skilled artisans in the craft of costume making - an essential element of St. Lucian Carnival tradition.

A Group Of People Lying On The Ground In Front Of A Television

(once a week)

Movie Presentation hosted by Jacquot

An evening of treats and movies awaits in our pop-up outdoor theatre, hosted by none other than Jacquot. The enchanting night sky sets the backdrop as children enjoy delectable goodies, creating the ideal atmosphere for a memorable movie night.

A Group Of People Sitting On The Sand By A Fire

(once a week)

Kiddies Island Chef Cooking Class

Led by our world-renowned chefs, children are taken on a culinary journey right into the heart of the kitchen. Here, they'll discover the flavors of St. Lucian cuisine, learning the art of cooking from the very best.

A Person Cutting A Doll

(once a week)

Jacquot Funatic Puppet Making and Show

Kids will get the chance to craft their very own Windjammer puppet and become a part of our weekly puppet show extravaganza. This engaging activity is designed to nurture the creativity of our young guests while offering a blend of amusement, humor, and educational entertainment.